Pebble Smart Watch Raises Over $5 Million on Kickstarter

With 29 days to go, the Pebble SmartWatch for iOS and Android has raised over $5 million.

Pebble’s founder, Eric Migicovsky, came to Kickstarter because Venture Capitalists considered investing in a hardware startup too risky. This for a guy who went through the finishing school of Y Combinator with flying colors.

If this guy can’t raise capital, the rest of us are definitely chopped liver. Mark Milian at Bloomberg talked to Migicovsky about his switch to crowdfunding, and why he’s more adept at pitching to consumers than to venture capitalists

Roman Reyhani, on his Reyhani Law blog, asked Migicovsky if he could share the number of units sold so far or an indication of developer interest. “At last check we’ve sold about 37,000 now,” Migicovsky replied. ”In terms of developers, we’ve had 32,000 hits on the developer blog.

we’ve had 32,000 hits on the developer blog. Which is great because a lot of developers means a lot of new apps, and I think developers will get really psyched when they see the total tally we have sold on Kickstarter. A lot of other platforms never really take off, but we’re fortunate that ours has taken off before it’s even out the door.

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