Choose best slips for women- “when comfort matters”


“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion” – Coco Chanel

A friend of mine was embarrassed yesterday in a party, when her strip peeped and slipped out repeatedly from her avant-garde dress. Though, she was looking gorgeous but her uncomfortable slip plundered her personality and made her stooge among others. With apprehension she came back and rolled out the party scene to me. I consoled her and advised her many tips to choose best slips for women which will not only add in personality but also gives feeling of comfort ever.

Many times women choose fashion in place of comfort. Being fashionable and stylish doesn’t mean that you have to stake your comfort level. Fashion comes from within when you are comfortable even in your normal dress. Wearing a small slip under your semi-transparent long chicken kurti will definitely not add to your style. Women wearing long slip under long dress will be more comfortable and show a different attitude among the mob.

So, instead of getting embarrassed or feeling discomfort in social gathering let’s have a look on smart ways to choose slips for women-

Check your fit – Body fitting slips are more at ease as compared to lose slips. It’s very awkward when strip of your slip fall every time from your shoulder and you have to be conscious for that. Choose fitting slip for tight tops or sports dresses and loose fitting slip for dark and loose dresses.

Match the color – Always accompany color of the slip with the dress you have to wear with it. Don’t do blunder of purchasing dark colored slips for light colored dress.

Check for fabric- Ensure that the fabric of slip is soothing and breathable (preferably of pure cotton). Sometimes synthetic fabric causes rashes and itching in the body. So, go for soft and smooth stuff only.

Check for VPL – VPL is visible panty line which should be covered with slips. So, even your short slip should be long enough to cover the VPL otherwise it’s uneasy to do over and over again.

Measure the length – Optimum length is essential so always try slips before you purchase and check it after sitting too. Otherwise your long slip may be even longer than your long dress or else shorter enough to show the lumps which was supposed to be covered.

Slips are designed according to different dress. So, you should be aware about their different designs, cuts and lengths. Mainly slips are designed in 3 ways –

Full slips – It covers from shoulders to knee or full leg. It gives best body fitting. Fashion stylist Philip Blosch says that, many celebrities Halle Berry and Broke Shields have never worn slips as slips them always wear it as long gown.

You can also choose strapless or bra slips according to your dress.

Half Slips- It covers from waist down and is generally paired with camisoles and skirt to give skinny look.

Shapewear Slips- It improves the body shapes and gives a seamless look which covers the panty lines.

Henceforth, choose a slip which suits you best because “Fashion is something which comes from within you”.

Author Bio: The author is a fashion consultant at and provides style mix for online portals that list their products .

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