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Top Car Brands Preferred By Business Tycoons

Due to the widening income disparity among the people, car production models vary to suit different interests. Some are just meant to satisfy the needs of the poor while others with more advanced features are meant for specific classes of people. Below are some of the cars most suitable for tycoons;

Ford Focus (2009 and newer)

Starting with the 2009 model year, Ford gave the Focus a full upgrade that brought present day styling, a smooth body, power and inside peculiarities that could trick anybody into supposing it was a vehicle with a twenty thousand price tag. The Focus arrives in a smooth roadster model and the four-entryway vehicle choice. Within, the Focus offers solace, Ford’s Sync voice control framework, and a fun 5-pace manual transmission. Under the hood, drivers get gusto and fuel effectiveness from a two thousand cubic centimetres four-piston engine.


The Ford Focus is an auto that has progressed beyond anyone’s expectations in style. The Focus is still incredible on gas. However, the outline is sportier than when the auto first went ahead the business sector. The auto has the look of a sports auto yet the economy of a little vehicle. When looking for an auto that is enjoyable to drive, attempt the Ford Focus. There is no reason you cannot have a great time on your approach to work, and the great gas mileage provides for you a reason to drive this energetic auto.

Mazda CX-7 

The CX-7 may be the most responsive vehicle on this schedule from an execution viewpoint. The Mazda CX-7 gimmicks ultra-smooth styling on the outside, inside conveniences that incorporate Bluetooth network and a 2300cc engine under the hood. The highlight of the CX-7 is its brisk movement 6-rate programmed that makes it quick, as well as responsive and enjoyable to drive.

With poor efficiency, the CX-7 is simply not functional enough for those that love Mazdas. It is an extraordinary looking auto, and has an energetic look. The CX-7 was made accessible utilized once the 2012 models were all sold. The Mazda CX-7 is an extraordinary auto to drive to work, because it has a lot of space for other grown-up travelers. It does reasonably well on gas, because it is not exactly an SUV.

Mitsubishi Lancer (2009 and more current) 

The Mitsubishi Lancer is one of the roomiest vehicles on this schedule. The Lancer accompanies a smooth, race-propelled outside outline and inner part gimmicks, including Mp3 playback capacity that give drivers more for less. On top of its lively appearance, the Lancer is amusing to drive with its two thousand cubic centimetres four-chamber engine and 5-pace manual transmission. With a couple of custom paint increases, the Lancer might be modified to show off the advanced outline and lively look.

This quick auto creates an impression on the open street. It comes in either four-wheel drive or front wheel drive, contingent upon the model picked. There are three trim level choices to look over, the Exceed, Super Exceed and Sport. Renditions of the Lancer have been made since 1979, and the auto outline has developed throughout the years to reflect the progressions in the auto business. Accessible all through the world, the Mitsubishi Lancer is an extraordinary auto for the cash. In the event that you have been considering a Mitsubishi, the Lancer is worth taking out for a test drive. Take one out for a dsa practical and check whether the auto handles like the sports auto, you had always wanted.


Choose best slips for women- “when comfort matters”


“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion” – Coco Chanel

A friend of mine was embarrassed yesterday in a party, when her strip peeped and slipped out repeatedly from her avant-garde dress. Though, she was looking gorgeous but her uncomfortable slip plundered her personality and made her stooge among others. With apprehension she came back and rolled out the party scene to me. I consoled her and advised her many tips to choose best slips for women which will not only add in personality but also gives feeling of comfort ever.

Many times women choose fashion in place of comfort. Being fashionable and stylish doesn’t mean that you have to stake your comfort level. Fashion comes from within when you are comfortable even in your normal dress. Wearing a small slip under your semi-transparent long chicken kurti will definitely not add to your style. Women wearing long slip under long dress will be more comfortable and show a different attitude among the mob.

So, instead of getting embarrassed or feeling discomfort in social gathering let’s have a look on smart ways to choose slips for women-

Check your fit – Body fitting slips are more at ease as compared to lose slips. It’s very awkward when strip of your slip fall every time from your shoulder and you have to be conscious for that. Choose fitting slip for tight tops or sports dresses and loose fitting slip for dark and loose dresses.

Match the color – Always accompany color of the slip with the dress you have to wear with it. Don’t do blunder of purchasing dark colored slips for light colored dress.

Check for fabric- Ensure that the fabric of slip is soothing and breathable (preferably of pure cotton). Sometimes synthetic fabric causes rashes and itching in the body. So, go for soft and smooth stuff only.

Check for VPL – VPL is visible panty line which should be covered with slips. So, even your short slip should be long enough to cover the VPL otherwise it’s uneasy to do over and over again.

Measure the length – Optimum length is essential so always try slips before you purchase and check it after sitting too. Otherwise your long slip may be even longer than your long dress or else shorter enough to show the lumps which was supposed to be covered.

Slips are designed according to different dress. So, you should be aware about their different designs, cuts and lengths. Mainly slips are designed in 3 ways –

Full slips – It covers from shoulders to knee or full leg. It gives best body fitting. Fashion stylist Philip Blosch says that, many celebrities Halle Berry and Broke Shields have never worn slips as slips them always wear it as long gown.

You can also choose strapless or bra slips according to your dress.

Half Slips- It covers from waist down and is generally paired with camisoles and skirt to give skinny look.

Shapewear Slips- It improves the body shapes and gives a seamless look which covers the panty lines.

Henceforth, choose a slip which suits you best because “Fashion is something which comes from within you”.

Author Bio: The author is a fashion consultant at and provides style mix for online portals that list their products .

Travel with Jet-Set style – Best Accessories for this season

Travel with Jet-Set style Best Accessories for this season

Traveling and having leisure with your family or close friends is one thing, which gives human being a piece of mind. In case you need to enjoy a peaceful and wonderful moment within your life, consider visiting a truly fascinating country with cultural, great historical places, entertainment and recreations Ares, amazing beaches, religious sites, outdoors activities. Then you should consider visiting Turkey. All you have to do is to acquire visa to enter turkey, which you can apply online and get it within 24 hours. Turkey is one of the few countries in the world, which has many fantastic activities. The vacation season is on, and if you need a weekend gateway in a place where you can have jet set in style of fashion, leisure, and travelling, you should consider doing the following activities not in any other place but turkey.

· Consider visiting sporting holidays like water sports. These activities are available in every beach within the turkey.

· Consider visiting historical places, where the great wealth of turkey is based. One of the common historical places includes the Byzantine Empire, ancient cities, ancient theaters, and many others, which you can browse from the online.

· While at turkey, consider having nightlife and entertainment. Turkey has variety of nightlife. There various bars, chic rest rants, and numerous nightclubs playing traditional music and urban music.

· If one has a family or a fiancé, they should consider visiting aquarium and enjoying viewing the underwater animals. They should also consider vising reaction and sports sites like the thermal spring and going for golf holiday in Turkish hotels.

· Consider enjoying the landscape view will you are on hot air balloon. In addition, enjoy having safari tours, sailing yachting, jeep safari and bird watching all these are available at turkey.

· While enjoying a trip at turkey one should consider visiting old religious sites. These include mosques for Muslims and old churches for Christians and great synagogues for the Jewish.

· Consider visiting 11 properties on turkey, which are inscribed in the UNESCO world list.

· Enjoy limo service transport and visiting different restaurants and five star hotels, which will provide you different services like full body massage, salons and enjoy free internet browsing.

· Enjoy visiting museum and galleries in turkey. Turkey has a lot of private and public museum such as Zeugma mosaic, Topkapi palace, and Konya Mevlana museum. You can also enjoy the art of galleries in turkey where you can be able to visit exhibitions of various famous artists.

· Enjoy the nature of attraction and the beautiful wonders by visiting Pamukkale, Troy and the forest and valley at the black sea region. You can enjoy an action of adventure by vising the Babadag Mountains and viewing the site of the Coruh River. Also visit bitez for wind surfing

· You can also consider getting married at turkey. They provide different types of wedding terms like civil ceremony, religious ceremony, cultural ceremony and others. Turkey is one country, which is Georgiou’s, beautiful, wonders and amazing nature you would like to miss. Anyone wishing to have an entertainment and recreation tour or a business tour then you should look far consider acquiring the visa to enter turkey, which you can get via email within 24 hours?

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